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Year Volume Issue Hollywood Studio Magazine Cover Art
Oct-69 4 6 Robert Redford 
Aug-72 7 4 Phyllis Diller
Feb-75 9 7 Scenes from That's Entertainment, Gene Kelly, Judy G and Liz
Mar-75 9 8 Gloria Swanson and scenes Universal Studio Tour
Apr-75 9 9 Bob Hope also Martha Raye
Oct-75 10 1 Cecile B De Mile on a movie set
Jun-76 10 9 Mary Pickford and Buddy Rogers
Nov-76 11 1 Carol Lynley and Gary Lockwood movie scene
Dec-76 11 2 Montage of stars, Astaire, Eden, Franciscus
Apr-77 11 5 Movie poster art: Alex Joseph and his Wives
Jun-77 11 7 Oil Painting Hollywood Party 1934
Aug-77 11 8 Joan Crawford photo
Sep-77 11 9 Dolores Del Rio
Aug-78 12 6 Alan Ladd some cover damage
Sep-78 12 7 Artwork of Laurel Hardy Groucho WCFields Keaton Chaplin
Oct-78 12 8 Jack Oakie Portrait
Mar-79 13 2 Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn
Nov-79 13 7 MGM stars collage
Sep-80 14 3 Gary Cooper
Feb-81 14 7 Kim Novak, Liz Taylor, Hedy Lamarr, Katherine Hepburn
Jun-81 14 11 Paul Newman
Sep-81 13 1 Henry and Jane Fonda
Mar-82 15 6 William Holden and Natalie Wood
Nov-82 16 1 June Allyson and Dick Powell
Feb-83 16 3 Ingrid Bergman and Grace Kelly
Oct-83 16 10 Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood
Sep-85 18 9 Carmen Miranda also Madonna
May-86 19 5 Clint Eastwood and ape
Mar-87 20 3 Frank Sinatra (when he was young)
Jun-87 20 6 Marilyn Monroe, also Liz, Lana, Rita, Ava, Gable, Cary, Errol (cover scuff)
Dec-87 20 12 Joan Collins
Jan-88 21 1 Bruce Willis and Sybil Sheppard; Erroll Flynn color poster
Feb-88 21 2 Barbra Streisand cover; also Inger Stevens; Cary Grant color poster
Mar-88 21 3 Liz Taylor (corner front cover torn off)
Jan-89 22 1 Cary Grant; also Grace Moore; Mel Gibson poster
Feb-89 22 2 Princess Di and small montage: Liz, Dietrich, Garbo
Mar-89 22 3 Lana Turner; salute to Shirley Temple, Liz Taylor poster
Jul-89 22 7 Lucille Ball cover and tribute; Grayson & Keel; Errol Flynn
Aug-89 22 8 Marily Monroe and bathing beauties incl Betty Grable
Sep-89 22 9 Elvis also Patrick Swayze
Oct-89 22 10 Kevin Kostner also Steve McQueen
Nov-89 22 11 Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher, John Wayne poster
Jan-90 23 1 Rock Hudson
Feb-90 23 2 Michael J Fox also James Cagney
Jun-90 23 6 Michelle Pfeiffer & Marilyn Monroe, Mae West movie poster
Jul-90 23 7 Movie Musicals, Astaire & Rogers poster
Dec-90 23 12 Meryl Streep also Grace Kelly
Feb-91 24 2 Candice Bergen, Brigitte Bardot; also Sylvia Sidney (several pages missing)
Mar-91 24 3 Lucy and Desi; also Joel McCrea
Apr-91 24 4 Delta Burke, also Madonna, Judy Garland (has ad page partially torn out)
May-91 24 5 Farrah Fawcett & Ryan O'Neal; also Working Lovers, Rbt Taylor
Jul-91 24 7 Kevin Costner, a;so Lucy; and Citizen Kane poster
Aug-91 24 8 Arnold Schwarzenegger; also Gene Kelly, Stars and their Pets
Sep-91 24 9 Maria Montez cover; also Barbara Eden; Evelyn Keyes
Nov-91 24 11 Joan Collins photo
Dec-91 24 12 Luke Perry; also Alice Faye; 
Mar-92 25 2 Barbra Streisand also Bette Midler
May-92 25 4 Hedy Lamarr also June Haver


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Year Issue Classic Images cover art
June 1992. 204 30th Anniversary Issue, also Vincent Price
June 2003. 336 Humphrey Bogart in The Big Shot movie poster art
July 2003. 337 Astaire and Rogers in Top Hat movie poster art
Aug. 2005. 362 Clara Bow in "It" movie poster art, also Warren William
Sept. 2005. 363 Helen Cherry, Catherine Craig and Patricia Knight photos
Oct. 2005. 364 House of Dracula movie poster art
Nov. 2005. 365 Abbot & Costello with Jean Porter and Frances Rafferty
Dec. 2005. 366 Alexander's Ragtime Band movie poster art
January 2006. 367 Jack Carson Joan Leslie in The Hard Way photo 
Feb. 2006 368 Honor Blackman the English Garbo
Mar. 2006 369 Leslie Howard, Bette Davis and O. De Havilland movie art
April 2006. 370 Cagney and O'Brien in The Irish in Us movie poster art
May 2006. 371 Marion Davies in The Red Mill movie poster art
June 2006. 372 Babes in Toyland art, also Anna Lee, Adolphe Menjou
Feb 2010. 416 The Mysterious Island movie poster art; also Lisa Montell
April 2017. 502 Girls on the Loose movie poster art
Jan 2018. 511 If I Had a Million movie poster art


















Issue Month/Year Films of the Golden Age (cover art)
8 Spring 1997 Dolores Del Rio in Loves of Carmen 
11 Winter 1997/98 Constance Bennett in Our Betters movie poster art
12 Spring 1998 Helen Chandler in Vanity Street
13 Summer 1998 This Fun For Hire with Verona Lake
14 Fall 1998 King Solomon's Mines movie poster art
15 Winter 1998/1999 John Barrymore, Marian Marsh in Svengali
16 Spring 1999 Myrna Loy, Virginia Mayo, Dana Andrews in The Best Years of our Lives
17 Summer 1999 Robert Taylor, Greta Garbo in Camille  (come slight water damage to covers)
18 Fall 1999 Alice Faye in You're a Sweetheart
19 Winter 1999/2000 Leslie Howard, Bette Davis in Of Human Bondage
20 Spring 2000 Audry Long in Homicide for Three
21 Summer 2000 Johnny Weissmuller in Tarzan and his Mate
30 Fall 2002 Ina Claire, Joan Blondell in The Greeks Had a Word for Them
31 Winter 2002-03 Gregory Peck Susan Hayward in David and Bathsheba
32 Spring 2003 Barbara Stanwyck, Henry Fonda in The Lady Eve
33 Summer 2003 Singing in the Rain movie poster art
34 Fall 2003 House of Frankenstein movie poster art
35 Winter 2003-04 Lynn Bari in We Go Fast
36 Spring 2004 Sylvia Sidney, Fred MacMurrey, Henry Fonda in The Trail of the Lonesome Pine
37 Summer 2004 Jane Russell Marilyn Monroe Gentlemen Prefer Blondes poster cover art
38 Fall 2004 They Drive By Night Ida Lupino Humphrey Bogard poster cover art
39 Winter 2004-05 Home Sweet Homicide movie art, also Joe E Brown, James Gleason
40 Spring 2005 Helen Twelvetrees, also Liz Taylor
41 Summer 2005 Anne Gwynne in Moon Over Las Vegas
42 Fall 2005 Dana Andrews in Purple Heart, also Patricia Morrison
43 Winter 2005-06 Ray Crash Corrigan movie art, also Jane Wyatt, Alan Young, Fay Wray
44 Spring 2006 Wallace Beery, Beggars of Life art; also Louise Brooks, Harriet Hilliard
45 Summer 2006 Tom Conway: The Falcon and the Co-Eds, also Ann Rutherford
46 Fall 2006 Geo Montgomery, Ann Rutherford in Orchestra Wives
47 Winter 2006-07 Boris Karloff, Vincent Price, Peter Lorre in The Raven
51 Winter 2007-08 Virginia Gilmore in That Other Woman
52 Spring 2008 Guy Madison and Rhonda Fleming in Bullwhip
53 Summer 2008 Lon Chaney artwork Laugh Clown Laugh
54 Fall 2008 Debra Paget movie poster art from Journey to the Lost City 
55 Winter 2008-09 Anne Francis in Girl of the Night artwork, also Walter Pidgeon
56 Spring 2009 Adele Jergens in Girls in Prison
57 Summer 2009 George Reeves, Phyllis Coates in Supermen and the Mole Men
58 Fall 2009 The Monster that Challenged the World artwork
59 Winter 2009-10 Nina Foch in I Love a Mystery artwork, plus Glenn Ford
60 Spring 2010 Dorothy Lamour in the Fleet's In, also Ann Harding; Hedy Lamarr
61 Summer 2010 Deanna durbin in Spring Parade , plus John Boles, Chas Winninger
62 Fall 2010 Edward G Robinson in Tampico
63 Winter 2010-11 Miriam Hopkins, Also Fredric March as Dr Jeykll…
64 Spring 2011 John Wayne movie poster art Big Jim McLain
65 Summer 2011 Steve Reeves movie poster art from Hercules
66 Fall 2011 Anne Baxter, William Holden in Blaze of Noon
67 Winter 2011-12 Ginger Rogers cover photo, also Pat O'Brien
68 Spring 2012 Dick Powell, also synopsis of film: Riot in Cell Block 11
69 Summer 2012 Elizabeth Taylor movie artwork and article
70 Fall 2012 My Favorite Wife with Gary Grant
71 2012-2013 Edward G. Robinson, Douglas Fairbanks Jr.  in Little Caesar
72 Spring 2013 Victure Mature in The Veils of Bagdad art, also Marie Blanchard
73 Summer 2013 William Boyd in The Night Flyer art, also Nigel Bruce, Mickey Rooney
74 Fall 2013 Elvis in Love Me Tender
75 2013-2014 Joan Crawford portrait
76 Spring 2014 Deanna Durbin in Lady on a Train movie poster art
77 Summer 2014 Gail Russell
78 Fall 2014 Gable and Lombard, also Janet Leigh, John Wayne
79 Winter 2014-15 Olivia deHavilland in To Each His Own
80 Spring 2015 Barbara Stanwyck in Baby Face
81 Summer 2015 The Wolf Man (Lon Chaney)
82 Fall 2015 Edward Arnold, Constance Cummings in Remember Last Night?
83 Winter 2015/2016 Lawrence Tierney, Claire Trevor in Born to Kill
84 Spring 2016 Lew Ayres, Janet Gaynor, Will Rogers in State Fair
85 Summer 2016 Ralph Morgan in Black Market Babies
87 Winter 2016/2017 Clara Bow in Hoopla
88 Spring 2017 Deanna Durbin
89 Summer 2017 Linda Darnell in Summer Storm
90 Fall 2017 Portrait: Ralph Forbes
91 Winter 2017/18 John Garfield movie art, also Geraldine Fitzgerald
92 Spring 2018 The Five Lane Sisters
93 Summer 2018 Movie Poster Art:  Martin & Lewis in Scared Stiff
95 Winter 2018/19 Movie Poster Art: Youth on Trial (Cora Sue Collins)



Year Name of Publication Art or Subject Condition
Nov-05 Now Playing King Kong movie poster art  
Oct-06 Now Playing Vampira: TCM Underground  
Dec-06 Now Playing Gary Cooper  
Jan-07 Now Playing Jean Arthur 10th anniversary issue  
Feb-07 Now Playing Cary Grant-Grace Kelly; Bogey-Katherine Hepburn  
Mar-07 Now Playing Gene Kelly  
Apr-07 Now Playing Rita Hayworth  
May-07 Now Playing Marlon Brando  
Jun-07 Now Playing Ida Lupino  
Jul-07 Now Playing Steven Spielberg  
Aug-07 Now Playing Liz, Ronald Reagan, Elvis, Doris Day: Summer..Stars  
Sep-07 Now Playing Greta Garbo   
Dec-07 Now Playing Irene Dunne  
Feb-08 Now Playing Clint Eastwood  
May-08 Now Playing Frank Sinatra  
Dec-08 Now Playing Dean Jones: Family Classics  
Feb-09 Now Playing Annette Bening, Warren Beatty  
Sep-09 Now Playing Claude Rains  
Jan-10 Now Playing John Garfield, Lana Turner  
Feb-10 Now Playing Russell Crowe  
Mar-10 Now Playing Ginger Rogers   
May-10 Now Playing Donna Reed slight water damage
Jul-10 Now Playing Gregory Peck  
Aug-10 Now Playing Gene Tierney  
Sep-10 Now Playing Vivient Leigh  
Nov-10 Now Playing Louis B Mayer: the Moguls  
Dec-10 Now Playing Mickey Rooney  
Jan-11 Now Playing Peter Sellers  
Feb-11 Now Playing Liv Tyler from Lord of the Ring: Return of the King Some cover folds
Mar-11 Now Playing Jean Harlow  
Apr-11 Now Playing Ray Milland slight water damage
Jun-11 Now Playing Jean Simmons slight water damage
Jul-11 Now Playing Gene Autry and Singing Cowboys Good 
Sep-11 Now Playing Kirk Douglas slight water damage
Oct-11 Now Playing Buster Keaton slight water damage
Dec-11 Now Playing William Powell  
Jan-12 Now Playing Angela Lansbury (a very young)  
Feb-12 Now Playing Trunk steamer with photos of stars slight water damage
Sep-12 Now Playing Lauren Bacall  
Oct-12 Now Playing Spencer Tracy  
Nov-12 Now Playing Constance Bennett Some cover folds
Dec-12 Now Playing Barbara Stanwyck  
Jan-13 Now Playing Loretta Young  
Feb-13 Now Playing Bogey-Bergman scene from Casablanca  
Apr-13 Now Playing Laurence Olivier  
May-13 Now Playing Sterling Hayden: Tough Guys  
Jun-13 Now Playing Eleanor Parker Some cover folds
Jul-13 Now Playing Paul Henreid Good 
Aug-13 Now Playing Artwork: sillouettes of profiles  slight water damage
Oct-13 Now Playing Vincent Price  
Nov-13 Now Playing Burt Lancaster  
Jan-14 Now Playing Joan Crawford Some cover folds
Feb-14 Now Playing Kirk Douglas: 31 Days of Oscar  
Apr-14 Now Playing Twenty Years of TCM Classic Movies artwork  
May-14 Now Playing June Allyson Good 
Jun-14 Now Playing Rock Hudson  
Jul-14 Now Playing Maureen O'Hara  
Aug-14 Now Playing Judy Garland: Summer under the Stars  
Sep-14 Now Playing Melvyn Douglas Good 
Oct-14 Now Playing Janet Leigh  
Nov-14 Now Playing Marion Davies: Silent Stars  
Mar-15 Now Playing Ann Sothern  
May-15 Now Playing Sterling Hayden, smiling portrait  
Aug-15 Now Playing Ann Margret: Summer under the Stars  
Nov-15 Now Playing Norma Shearer Very Good condition
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CD SALE!  50% prices listed below!

CD SALE!  50% prices listed below!


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